Infrastructure funding

Infrastructure funding

Issue Date: 23 May 2018

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In its 2013/14 Global Competitiveness Report, the World Economic Forum ranked the UK 28th in terms of the quality of its infrastructure, far behind some of our leading international competitors.

Given the current shortage of public funding, it is increasingly important that the UK finds new ways to pay for vital infrastructure upgrades and improvements. Only by doing so will the country rise back up the league table for the competitiveness of its infrastructure.

For this reason CECA has in recent years called for a sensible debate on the way that infrastructure is funded in the future. We recognise that there are number of different models currently being proposed to leverage greater future funding for infrastructure. There is also scope to expand or improve existing funding models.

CECA does not support any given model over any other. Rather we believe that there will be a range of different approaches taken to resolve this funding gap. However we do believe that there needs to be continuing strong collaboration between government, industry and funders to drive through this change if the UK is not to see a continued decline in the quality of the UK's transport and utility networks.