2013 T&D Survey Report

CECA 2013 Training & Development Survey Report

Issue Date: 03 February 2014

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The CECA 2013 Training & Development Survey was carried out in May 2013. Members were able to respond either by telephone or online. Over 25% of CECA member companies responded to the survey, with a total of more than 38,650 employees represented. From 89 responses, 64 were from SME sized businesses: 31 small, 33 medium, and 25 are large businesses.

The survey this year collected more data from more members.  It is pleasing to see that the results from this year’s survey reflect many of the positive trends we observed in the last survey. The additional data brings added clarity to the data collected last year.

No room for complacency

Many of the members who completed the survey reported rising turnover and the over the last 3 years there has been a rising trend on recruitment of graduates and apprentices across all sizes and types of members.  However, there is no room for complacency and the survey responses give us an appreciation of the need for continued work by CECA to support and help our members to take advantage of apprenticeship schemes and to maximise the value from training staff and claiming available grant funding.

Level of Training plans dependent on future work

Several members indicated that recruitment of graduates, apprentices and the level of training given to staff will depend very much on future work and the type of projects they win. Smaller businesses in particular connect the success of the business and the types of project that they may win with their plans/ability to recruit apprentices. While it is undoubtedly true that training must be adapted to support the changing business needs, many CECA members are finding that a more professional approach to training brings additional grant funding and creates a proactive and well qualified workforce and the commercial benefits that follow.

Continuous Learning

The survey shows that CECA members vary in size, geography, and the sectors in which they operate. This survey provides valuable information, best practice ideas, and benchmarking data, that helps us to strengthen our understanding of members and to improve the support and services we offer. Valuable lessons can be learned from the differences between members, as well as the best practice approaches that can be shared amongst all our members.

The actions resulting from this year’s survey will build upon the actions and successes from 2012 when CECA was able to utilise the survey results to support discussions and consultations with stakeholders in connection with grants, levy payments, apprenticeships and graduate recruitment. We will continue to work closely with the CITB, the government and industry clients to maximise the benefits to our members.