CECA Card Audit

CECA Annual Card Audit 2014

Issue Date: 12 January 2015

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CECA' s Annual Card Audit was carried out in November 2014 with the assistance of CECA member companies, to establish the level of commitment to qualifying staff through the most widely recognised and utilised card schemes in the industry; CSCS (Construction Site Certification Scheme) and CPCS (Construction Plant Certification Scheme). The audit covered employed staff and subcontractors working on sites across England, Scotland and Wales.

The Annual Card Audit forms part of CECA’s on-going campaign to ensure that contractors within the Infrastructure are employing and developing a skilled and qualified workforce, and that there is funding and support available to these companies to enable them to qualify the workforce. CECA will continue to work closely with CSCS and CPCS to ensure that the card schemes remain relevant to the changing needs of the industry.

Overall findings of the survey were positive, with indications that more companies are placing an emphasis on ensuring that their employees and subcontractors have the correct cards to evidence their knowledge, skills and experience within their given role.

Within CSCS, the percentages of correctly qualified staff increased across the board, with a 7% increase across Operatives, a 2% increase across Supervisory staff and a 14% increase across Managers and Directors. Apprentices remained the same, with 52% of employees in this role carrying the correct card. This number may increase in the coming year, as CITB offer a grant incentive to employers to cover the cost of applying for the correct CSCS card for Apprentices.

The number of Operatives holding the Green Basic Construction Operative or Labourer Cards on site has also decreased, from 32% (2013) to 27% this year. This can only be positive, as it indicates an increase in those cards on site that are supported by a relevant vocational qualification. There has been a slight increase in the number of Supervisors using this Green Card however, from 19% to 23%, but this could correlate with feedback received from members on difficulties in sourcing and funding appropriate qualifications for Supervisory and Management staff.

Based on the numbers of cards audited within this report (over 30,000 cards), this is still encouraging, and is an area that should continued improvement over the coming years, with increased awareness regarding the correct use of the Green Card, and the newly commissioned H&S training requirements for cardholders.

In CPCS, there was a slight decrease in the number of cardholders who held appropriate qualifications for the relevant categories of plant and endorsements, from 86% to 83%, but this is still an area that has a high level of achievement.  There was a significant increase in the number of plant operators holding NPORs rather than CPCS cards - up from 5% to 11%.

We would like to thank all members who took the time to complete and return the audit, and welcome all feedback on the results or the format of the audit as it is under constant review, and any suggestions for the 2015 audit will be welcome. 

Full details are available in the attached CECA Card Audit Report 2014.

If you require any further information, please contact Jemma Carmody on jemma@ceca-yorks.co.uk or 07960 218410