Membership criteria


CECA Member Companies should comply with the following criteria :-

1.  Be registered as a Limited Company and have a registered office in NW England

2. Be registered for VAT.

3. Be registered with CITB.

4. Be engaged in Civil Engineering.

5. Have traded for at least 3 years as a Civil Engineering Company.

6. Have at least one qualified Civil Engineer.

7. Have a Quality Assurance System in place.

8. Have a compliant Health and Safety and Welfare Policy.

9. Have signed a commitment to the CECA Health & Safety Strategy and Action Plan.

10. Have at least 60% of workforce with CSCS or equivalent cards.

11. Conform to the general principles of the CIJC Working Rule Agreement and have contracts of Employment for all employees.

12. Receive approval by the CECA NW Executive Committee.