Associate Membership

CECA (Southern) Ltd have formed a new membership category for companies working in civil engineering, but who do not fall within the definition of a civil engineering contractor.  Associate will be a new member grade to permit appropriate companies to work more closely with CECA members and to enjoy and contribute to a mutual exchange of understanding and expertise.

The CECA (Southern) Ltd Board will determine the genres of companies deemed suitable for the category of Associate Membership in the first instance and will review this on a regular basis.

Associate Membership will specifically exclude any right to influence or amend existing constitutional matters or the manner, operations or policy of the Association.

Associate Members will be encouraged to contribute to and benefit from the mutual exchange of information and expertise with CECA members and thereby broaden and enhance the mutual understanding of the needs and priorities of the industry.

Associate Members will be informed that membership must not be regarded as a platform or access route to full members for marketing purposes.  Any Associate Member exploiting membership for such purposes may have their membership terminated.

We welcome input and initiatives by Associate Members in furtherance of Health and Safety, Welfare, Environmental and Technical Development issues and will be pleased to support such initiatives as appropriate.

Associate Members will be entitled to attend and participate in all CECA (Southern) and CECA (South West) seminars, courses and other events, but will not be eligible to join the Board of CECA (Southern) Ltd.

For further details and the full criteria please contact Alan Taylor, Executive Director, CECA (Southern) or Leone Donnelly, Executive PA, CECA (Southern) on 01243 538863  Email leonedonnelly@ceca.co.uk.