Membership Criteria

CECA (Southern) Membership Criteria

To qualify for Full membership of CECA (Southern) Ltd, applicants should comply with the following criteria:-

  1. Be registered in the UK as a limited company with a civil engineering turnover of at least £500,000 per annum.
  2. Have a registered office in the geographical area of CECA (Southern).
  3. Be registerd for VAT.
  4. Be registered with CITB; if in scope.
  5. Have a compliant Health & Safety policy.
  6. Have a Quality Management System in place.
  7. Conform to the general principles of the CIJC Working Rule Agreement.
  8. Be committed to a fully qualified workforce, with the workforce holding CSCS or equivalent cards.
  9. Commit to the CECA Action Plans and Strategies.
  10. The applicant should be registered for VAT.
  11. Comply with Competition Law requirements.
  12. Commit to the CECA (Southern) Ltd Code of Ethics.
  13. All applications to be approved by the CECA (Southern) Ltd Board.

For further details and an application form please contact Leone Donnelly Tel: 01243 538863 Email: leonedonnelly@ceca.co.uk