Enterprise Advisor Network

Date: 21 November 2016

Associated Document: employment-and-skills-board-enterprise-advisor-network-essex-cc-.pdf

CECA (Southern) has been approached by Sue Goodwin, who is the Senior Skills Officer – Careers Enterprise Coordinator, within the Employment and Skills team at Essex County Council.

Essex CC are participating in a new national programme on behalf of Essex schools and businesses – the Enterprise Advisor Network- which is aimed at ensuring that young people are equipped with the skills necessary to begin building for a successful career. The Employment and Skills Board has found that there are 7 key sectors for growth in the county and one of these is construction.

Essex CC’s role is to match secondary schools with senior representatives from businesses and organisations – operating as an Enterprise Adviser - in order to inspire young people and ensure when they leave school they have the beginnings of a skill-set that will last them a lifetime of employment. Essex CC are aiming to link an Enterprise Adviser with every secondary school in Essex. Their target for construction businesses in Essex is approximately 15 in total and, to date, they only have 1 definite and 1 possible.

The role of an Enterprise Adviser is to liaise with the Senior Leadership Team at a school to help expand and develop a strategic plan for the schools’ career programme. It may be possible to split the role between 2 people from one company, in order to accommodate a busy person’s work schedule, if that assists companies in taking this offer up. Although the flyer states that a commitment of eight hours a month is required, this is an estimate and does not have to be time spent out of the office.

If any member company is interested in supporting this programme, please notify leonedonnelly@cecasouth.co.uk.