CECA Y&H Mock Trial: Operative in the Dock - Rail Incident

Event date:9 November 2017 08:30 - 9 November 2017 12:30

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Venue:Morley Town Hall, Leeds

Cost:FREE to CECA Members

CECA Yorkshire & Humberside Mock Trial


You are invited by CECA Yorkshire & Humberside to attend a Mock Trial event.

The scenario will be based on an incident taking place on a rail-related construction site.

This is an innovative and engaging session lead by Kirsty Gomersal of DAC Beachcroft. It will provide delegates with an insight into the mechanics of a trial and see experienced advocates “in action”. It will demonstrate the challenges faced by those who have to give evidence in Crown Court and will give guidance on how to comply with the law. There will be an opportunity to ask questions of the presenters in an informal format after the event. It is also your chance to partake in “jury service”.

You will sit as a member of the jury in the case of ORR v Joseph Locke. You will hear how it is alleged that Mr Locke failed to comply with the duty to take "reasonable care" for his own health and safety and the health and safety of those who may be affected by his acts or omissions at work.

Mr Locke was working as a member of a construction team on a Network Rail construction project. Mr Locke was involved in a decision to use a telehandler to lift ballast into possession. Mr Locke was operating the telehandler when it overturned, killing a co-worker. The trial will focus on issues relating to compliance with company procedures, safe working practices and the influence of fellow workers. As a jury member, you will need to decide whether or not Mr Locke took "reasonable care”.

This mock trial will be an innovative and engaging event. Rather than merely telling you what the law says you must do, you will witness a practical example of a trial in action. The outcome of the trial is dependent on your views. 

Through a presentation of a “real life” scenario, delegates will get a better understanding of: 

  • The duty on ALL employees' to take "reasonable care" for their own health and safety at work AND the duty to take "reasonable care" for the health and safety of those who may be affected by their acts or omissions at work. 
  • Relevant HSE / ORR practice and policy.
  • Worksafe
  • Practical examples of where others have been held to have failed in that duty.
  • The powers of ORR inspectors when investigating an incident
  • How decisions to prosecute are made.
  • The trial process and giving evidence
  • How the definitive guidance on sentencing in health and safety is applied.

This training event is suitable for:

Anyone working in a safety critical role, Construction workers, Rail professionals, Directors and senior managers, Health and safety professionals, anyone having responsibility for management of contractors,, Procurement managers, HR professionals and anyone with an interest in the subject matter

Spaces are limited and you are advised to book early to secure your space. 

This event is supported by CITB’s Development Fund and places are therefore available FREE OF CHARGE to CECA Members.

To book your places, please use the following link: