B&CE Launches Pilot Group On Occupational Health

B&CE has launched a pilot group of 18 companies to help develop a new product to improve occupational health provision across the construction industry.

Each year in construction, 80,000 workers suffer from illnesses caused or made worse by their work, with too few having access to occupational health services.

B&CE is working to improve the health of the construction industry by developing a new product to make it easier for employers to comply with health and safety legislation and identify work-related illnesses earlier.

The pilot group, made up of major contractors and SMEs who represent thousands of construction workers, self-employed workers, and occupational health service providers, will play a key role in testing iterations of B&CE’s new product during its development phase.

Nicola Sinclair, Head of Business Development Health at B&CE, said: “Every year, tens of thousands of construction workers suffer from illnesses caused or made worse by their jobs. We shouldn’t allow this to be considered the ‘norm’ – everyone working in the industry should have the right to a health working life and future. With 75 years of experience in the construction industry, B&CE is in a good place to start challenging the industry to change.

“It’s fantastic that so many major construction firms and occupational health service providers are supporting our ambition to improve the health of workers across the construction industry. The clinical and industry expertise from this pilot group will play a vital role in developing an effective product that will improve the health of workers across the industry.”

B&CE’s pilot group includes representatives of a number of CECA member companies. Alongside the pilot group, B&CE are inviting construction companies and occupational health providers to join a panel, which will be invited to share industry experience and inform specific aspects of the scheme. To get involved and sign up to the Panel, click here.