CECA: Conservative Manifesto Infrastructure Goals Should Be Embraced By All Parties

The UK’s civil engineering contractors today said that the infrastructure policies outlined in the Conservative Party’s manifesto show a welcome focus on delivering economic growth.

The manifesto, published earlier today, sets out the party’s plans to invest in infrastructure, including delivering Northern Powerhouse Rail, funding the Midlands Rail hub in full, and re-opening Beeching lines to re-connect communities around the country.

Commenting, Director of Operations for the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) Marie-Claude Hemming said: “We welcome a number of these policies as if implemented they would provide a solid foundation for economic growth.\

“It is good news that the Conservative Party has committed, once again, to making sure local authorities use the Infrastructure Levy to deliver local infrastructure that supports communities, and we look forward to working with whichever party or parties that form the next UK Government to ensure these funds can be spent in a way that best supports businesses and communities.

“As a whole, the manifesto reflects current UK Government policy in infrastructure, but also recognises that more can be done to enable our sector to thrive in future.

“In particular, it is welcome that the Conservative Party has recognised the need to speed up infrastructure delivery, with a commitment to end legal challenges that frustrate the delivery of major schemes by amending the law, so judicial reviews that don’t have merit do not waste court time.

“We hope that all parties in the forthcoming General Election take up this proposal, to ensure that major project delivery in the UK is allowed to fulfil its potential as a motor for economic growth without being hampered by unnecessary hold-ups.”

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