CECA: Contractors Support Industry Zero Diesel Route Map

The UK’s civil engineering contractors have added their support for an industry road map to net zero, published today by the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) .

The Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA), which represents companies that undertake c. 80 per cent of all civil engineering activity in the UK, said that the CLC roadmap was an ‘important signpost’ in the race to a net zero construction industry.

The CLC’s Zero Diesel Sites Route Map sets out practical steps the industry must take to eliminate 78% of diesel plant – which is responsible for most of construction’s emissions – by 2035.

This will include accelerating the use of alternative sources of energy, rolling out zero diesel and electric plant at sites across the UK, and targeting specific interventions to allow individual businesses and projects to play their part in this green revolution.

Commenting, CECA Chief Executive Alasdair Reisner said: “Reaching the necessary end point of a net zero carbon construction sector is an undertaking unlike any other made by our industry, and will require unprecedented cooperation between industry and clients as well as businesses and communities.

“CECA is fully supportive of the CLC’s whole-industry strategic approach to implementing the necessary changes that will not only enable us to address the threat of climate change, but enable a dynamic and agile UK construction sector to keep pace with our international competitors.

“It is the responsibility of everyone working in UK construction and infrastructure to fully embrace this agenda, which will ensure not only that UK construction continues to act as a source of economic growth and job creation, but that it does so in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner.”

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PRESS RELEASE – CECA – Contractors Support Industry Zero Diesel Route Map – Immed. 6 June 2023