CECA: Energy White Paper A ‘Milestone’ Towards Net Zero Emissions

Civils contractors today welcomed the publication of the UK Government’s Energy White Paper and described it as an important milestone in the UK’s transition to a net zero future.

The White Paper will set out plans to support up to 220,000 jobs over the next decade as the UK transitions towards net zero emissions by 2050. This will involve cutting emissions from industry, transport, and the built environment by 230 million metric tonnes, the equivalent of taking 7.5 million petrol cars off the road altogether.

Alongside the publication of the White Paper the Government has also announced that it will enter negotiations with EDF in relation to the construction of a new nuclear power station, Sizewell C, in Suffolk.

Commenting, Director of External Affairs for the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) Marie-Claude Hemming said: “This White Paper is a revolutionary step towards securing the UK’s net zero future, and is an important milestone on the journey towards decarbonisation the UK must take in coming years.

“We are particularly pleased that the Government has announced its intention of pursuing a new nuclear power station at Sizewell C, as we have long argued that the UK will require a mixed portfolio of energy generation to both meet our carbon commitments and keep the lights on.

“CECA strongly supports new nuclear power as a vital component of the UK’s energy future, and hope today’s announcement will be the first in a wide-ranging programme across all parts of the UK to take advantage of the world-class nuclear skills we already have in place.

“These plans will not only secure the UK’s place at the forefront of the green industrial revolution but will create jobs and sustain livelihoods for many years to come, while placing the UK at the forefront of global efforts to tackle climate change.

“We look forward to working with our members, government, and other stakeholders to ensure these ambitious plans lead to spades in the ground without delay, so that our industry can deliver the clean energy future we all need.”

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