CECA Launch Flood & Marine Group

CECA have recently launched a new group which will focus on a number of non-water utility related areas – the title of which (after some debate) was agreed as the CECA Flood & Marine Group.

The group came about following a number of attempts made at the existing CECA Water group meetings to discuss non-utility related items, however, the problem was that there was never enough time to discuss all the topics therefore the suggestion of a new group was born.

Interest in the new group has been very promising with 14 organisations registering to be involved and 10 member companies actually being represented at the inaugural meeting on the 22 March at Birdcage Walk, London.

At the meeting CECA were delighted to announce that Paul Kelly from Volker Stevin had volunteered to act as the group Chairman.  The first task was to develop an appropriate Terms of Reference document. This can be found here

It will come as no surprise to readers that the extent of water related topics outside the utility sector is huge. The group has therefore tried to break the sectors down into more manageable sub-groups, namely;-

  • Flooding – including pluvial (surface water) and fluvial (river) flooding.
  • Coastal – including coastal defences.
  • Ports & Harbours – including reclamation.
  • Canals & Rivers – including maintenance.

Each of the sub-groups have at least two member companies who will look at what the focus of the sub-group shall be. However, common themes across all the groups include:-

– identify and prioritise client organisations to engage with.

– look to share best practice.

– Understand what lessons have been learnt from the both clients and contractors and share these to a wider audience.

– look to bring tier 1 and tier 2 contractors together.

– map frameworks and projects so that members have a better line of sight as to what is out there.

The group will also be looking to hold meetings at either client, academic or research establishments and suggestions already include Cumbria County Council, London City Airport, Thames Tideway, BRE Watford, Sheffield University Twenty65 and HR Wallingford.

Finally, if anyone from a CECA member organisation wishes to be a part of this new group and haven’t had chance to registered an interest, please contact CECA National Civil Engineering Director Peter Crosland in the first instance, stating what your particular area of interest is.