CECA Publish New Schedules Of Dayworks In Response To Steep Escalation Of Costs

Today’s removal of the rebate on red diesel for construction plant have promoted the fastest ever refresh of one of the industry’s key contract documents.

The Civil Engineering Contractors Association publishes the Schedules of Dayworks as a benchmark for incidental works carried out where no rate has been agreed under the contract. The so-called ‘CECA plant rates’ are widely used across the sector for this purpose.

Historically the rates have been adjusted after an average of just over seven years. However the steep escalation in industry costs that have resulted from the today’s red diesel shift mean that CECA today publishes new rates less than two and a half years on from the last update in 2019.

The new CECA rates, which can be applied from today, attempt to account for shifts in market prices for labour materials and equipment. With client agreement, firms can choose to adjust the rates to address any future price changes.

CECA chief executive Alasdair Reisner said: “I am pleased to announce that we have undertaken a comprehensive review of the CECA Schedules of Dayworks since the last publication in 2019. This Edition, which is applicable from 1 April 2022, takes into account increases on key items used within the industry. The speed with which we have developed this update reflects the volatility in prices that many members are experiencing, particularly driven by recent changes in the taxation of diesel.

CECA members will receive free copies of the updated rates today, while copies are available to wider industry via the CECA website at www.ceca.co.uk.

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