CECA Publishes Procurement Briefing

CECA’s Procurement Group, in conjunction with Burges Salmon, has published a briefing on “Optimising The Procurement Process For Authorities & Utilities” which is free to download.

This follows on from CECA’s publication CECA Procurement Report, which identified eight specific industry procurement challenges, namely:

  • “information requirements disproportionate to bid value”
  • “lack of client engagement during the procurement process”
  • “too many bidders”
  • “poor tender documents”
  • “frameworks that deliver less than forecasted revenue and/or include secondary competition”
  • “poor management of the procurement process”
  • “quality of feedback post-tender”
  • “Lack of checking and enforcement of undertaking made by contractors in tender documents.”

This briefing note sets out certain principles and practical recommendations aimed at making procurement processes more effective, efficient, and able to deliver innovative solutions. These principles and recommendations recognise that good procurement by purchasers is a skilled and challenging exercise, and that it is important that all sides, bidders, and purchasers, continue to work together to improve outcomes.

If you would like more information, or are a CECA member and would like to join CECA’s Procurement Group, contact CECA Director of External Affairs Marie-Claude Hemming.