CECA: Steps For An Incoming Government

Ahead of the appointment of a new Prime Minister, civil engineering contractors call on the Government to prioritise infrastructure to secure economic growth for the long term.

The first 100 days of a new government are vital in setting the tone and direction of the next political term.

CECA recognises the challenges facing the UK as a whole and believes infrastructure can play its part in driving growth in uncertain times.

To this end, we urge the incoming Prime Minister to:

  • Commit to the existing project pipeline and schedule of projects.
  • Commit to public funding support for infrastructure of 1.2 per cent of GDP while examining the case for higher social and economic outcomes if raised.
  • Develop a balanced scorecard approach to development to appraise and evaluate the contribution of different types of infrastructure investment to social outcomes.

Commenting, CECA Director of External Affairs, Marie-Claude Hemming said: “The infrastructure sector stands ready to play its part in delivering UK-wide growth over the next years.

“After a long period of uncertainty we urge the incoming Government to focus on what is needed to ensure the UK remains an attractive place to live and work for the long term.

“Infrastructure is the key to delivering this outcome, and most importantly, an early commitment to the roll out of world-class infrastructure across the UK will send a powerful message to investors at home and abroad that the UK is open and ready for business.”

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