CECA Wales: UK Government’s Lack Of Commitment To North Wales “Hugely Disappointing”

Civils contractors today said that the lack of a real commitment to North Wales in the Government’s response to the Welsh Committee’s report on the suspension of nuclear works at Wylfa Newydd is “hugely disappointing.”

Chair of the Welsh Affairs Select Committee David T.C. Davies MP has criticised the Government’s response for offering nothing but “warm words” about the prospect of developing nuclear capabilities in North Wales.

The Committee’s report into the suspension of works at Wylfa Newydd found that the site has distinct geological benefits and a local skills base, before recommending that the UK Government and Hitachi should explore new financing models to help get work back underway.

The report also recommended that the UK Government should explore ways to develop alternative low-carbon energy project in the area.The UK Government’s response to the Committee’s report fails to commit to accepting these recommendations. The response makes reference to a range of existing Government policies on clean growth and the North Wales Growth Deal, but it does not make clear what new or additional support the Government is offering North Wales in place of the economic opportunities expected to arise from Wylfa Newydd.

Commenting, Director of the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (Wales) Ed Evans said: “The suspension of works at Wylfa Newydd and the UK Government’s response are both hugely disappointing.

“The scheme would have created thousands of jobs in North Wales and would have driven the creation of a specialised skills base in the area.

“CECA has long argued that new nuclear power will be a vital component of the mixed portfolio of generation the UK will need to meet our carbon commitments and keep the lights on in the twenty-first century.

“For the UK Government to fail to commit to exploring means in which work could be restarted at Wylfa Newyyd, or to create a low-carbon energy industry in North Wales to create jobs and boost economic growth, is a lost opportunity both for the economy of North Wales, and the UK as a whole.”

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