CECA Webinar: Generic Form of Sub-Contract

Click above to view a webinar on the CECA Generic Form of Sub-Contract which was introduced by David Allen, Executive Director of CECA (Southern) Ltd, and presented by Tom Pemberton of Goodman Derrick solicitors and Mark Bezzant of Bezzant Ltd.

The webinar demonstrates that the Generic Form of Sub-Contract (published September 2020) is an important addition to the range of publications which are available to purchase through our web-site. It can be used with a variety of main contracts, including bespoke and client specific contracts, and will support the government’s strategy (which is supported by CECA) in the Construction Playbook of achieving a leaner, greener and more collaborative construction industry. Examples of its features are options for payment through a Project Bank Account, provision for project insurance where applicable,  and further options for retention in line with CECA’s policy, among numerous other features which are explained by Tom and Mark in the webinar.