CLC Launch Future-Proofing Guide For Contracts

The Disputes and Collaboration group for the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) COVID-19 Task Force has today published guidance on futureproofing contract amendments in the light of COVID-19.

Building upon the Contractual Best Practice Guidance published by the group earlier in the year, it includes options for amending many of the JCT and NEC contracts to cater for impacts of the pandemic on delivery of the works/services.

The output cannot tell parties what to do, but can help them identify the issues and distil their negotiated position into the drafting of the contract.

It is intended that this advice will provide a starting point for all parties involved as to how they will deal with the COVID-19 pandemic going forward.

Commenting, Steve Bratt, Group Chief Executive Officer at Electrical Contractors’ Association, said: “The challenges UK businesses have faced as a result of the pandemic have been unprecedented.

“As such, the Construction Leadership Council has been working to sustain the construction industry through the current period when restrictions are in place, and to ensure it is able to drive future economic growth and prosperity.

“The additional guidance published today on the future proofing of contracts forms a key part of this workstream, enabling businesses to work across their supply chains and plan for the future.

“Building on the bank of advice issued by Government and industry in the last few months, this combined with the summary and record keeping guides aims to support firms as they continue to navigate the challenges of COVID-19 on their businesses.”

The Construction Leadership Council’s guidance on future-proofing contracts can be downloaded here.

The Construction Leadership Council’s guidance on record-keeping can be downloaded here.

The Construction Leadership Council’s publication Covid-19: Managing Contractual Disputes & Collaboration – Summary Guide can be downloaded here.