Competition Law & The Construction Sector

As members will be aware, the Competition and Markets Authority has recently been investigating a number of cases of potential competition law breaches by firms in the construction sector. Most recently, their investigations resulted in the disqualification of two company directors of CPM group due to their involvement in a cartel.

To raise the level of awareness within firms about competition law and the rules with which firms have to comply, the CMA has launched a package of materials to help business. This includes:

  • a quick guide on how to avoid disqualification
  • a checklist on how to comply with competition law
  • the CMA’s #StopCartels campaign page that houses:
    • an interactive quiz to test knowledge of the law and what is/ isn’t permitted
    • case studies with lessons learnt and information
    • reporting form + info on immunity from fines under the CMA’s leniency programme.

CECA members were recently briefed on anti-competitive practices in the construction sector. If you are a CECA member and would like CECA to arrange training on competition law or on how to avoid potentially anti-competitive practices, or would like further information, contact CECA chief executive Alasdair Reisner.