CECA and Build UK are delivering an action within the Construction Sector Deal to introduce a new Common Assessment Standard which will improve efficiency and reduce cost in the construction pre-qualification (PQ) process.

This is the first phase of implementation and includes publication of the Common Assessment Standard and recognition of the first assessment bodies to certify companies against the standard.

Once the new system is fully up and running, companies will be certified once a year by a recognised assessment body and this should be accepted by Clients and Contractors who will no longer need to specify a particular assessment body.

Click here to read CECA and Build UK’s joint press release.

Common Assessment Standard

The Common Assessment Standard comprises an industry-agreed question set based on existing PQ questionnaires, including PAS 91, and corresponding assessment standards.

There are two levels of certification: desktop and site-based. Companies can now apply to a recognised assessment body for the certification level that is most appropriate for their business based on a range of factors including trade, size and the requirements of their clients.

A guide to the question set has been published to help companies prepare for an audit by a recognised assessment body.

Click here to to download the Common Assessment Standard – Question Set.

Recognised Assessment Bodies

The following assessment bodies have been recognised to certify companies against the Common Assessment Standard and have aligned existing or new products accordingly.

All recognised assessment bodies have demonstrated their capability to audit companies against the Common Assessment Standard.

Any organisation interested in becoming a recognised assessment body should email CECA Director of External Affairs Marie-Claude Hemming.