Driving Better Procurement For All

This year CECA’s procurement work will have two streams. The first will focus on procurement between supply chains, the second, on the issue of inappropriate procurement (for example all-risk, lowest cost contracts). Both these pieces of work will have a strong SME focus.

Procurement between supply chains

CECA’s work in procurement to date has focused on driving change in the way our customers procure and pay. However, we also believe that civil engineering contractors should work towards best practice within their own supply chains. Such best practice could include for example, early engagement and collaboration.

We will also work closely with Project 13 to avoid repetition of work and to apply relevant learning.

Inappropriate procurement

CECA members have long raised concerns over contractual conditions between customer and contractor. The aim of this piece of work would be to formalise these concerns to take forward in our lobbying.

If you are an SME and would like to be involved please contact CECA Director of External Affairs Marie-Claude Hemming.