Silt Pollution Risks on Sites Interactive Webinar

National Members only
19 Oct
19 October 2023, 4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

FREE TO CECA MEMBERS. Silt Pollution Risks on Sites – How to avoid it and what to do if it goes wrong

CECA have teamed up with UK silt and water quality experts at Frog Environmental to deliver a free CPD session to all members and at any level of the business or job function.

Silt pollution of watercourses from construction sites near or in water is a big problem and it is contributing to the poor state of the nation’s rivers and oceans.

One of the biggest causes of water pollution from the construction and demolition industry in England and Wales is silt laden water run-off. If silt laden water escapes downstream of the works it can pollute the watercourse, harming wildlife and impacting abstractions. It can also increase flood risk as it reduces the capacity of rivers and therefore can impact flood defence structures.

With the government’s recent change in regulations giving more power to regulators to act on water pollution incidents, now is a really good time to consider how your organisation and teams are assessing the year-round risk of silt pollution on your infrastructure projects.

Join Frog Environmental’s Technical Director Leela O’Dea for an informative session where she will cover the following topics using case studies and examples followed by a short Q&A session:

– Why is silt such a damaging pollutant? Environmental and business risk factors

– Legal and permitting requirements

– What causes silt pollution?

– Silt control principles & techniques

This session is designed to provide insight and learning for anyone at any level working in construction and infrastructure.