Heathrow To Launch Airport Expansion Consultation

Following on from its Airport Expansion Consultation One last year and the Airspace and Future Operations Consultation earlier this year, Heathrow have now announced the next stage of consultation on its expansion plans.

On Tuesday 18 June 2019 Heathrow will launch the statutory Airport Expansion Consultation which will run for twelve and a half weeks until Friday 13 September.

This statutory consultation has incorporated feedback from our earlier consultations to develop Heathrow’s plans and be as transparent as possible. The plans outlined in this consultation have also taken into account Heathrow’s continuous engagement with local communities, local authorities, airlines and other stakeholders.

The consultation will seek feedback on four key areas:

  • The preferred masterplan for expansion
  • Plans to operate the future airport
  • The preliminary assessment of impacts of the airport’s growth
  • Plans to manage the impacts of expansion, including mitigation and compensation

If you would like to see more on the Airport Expansion Consultation, please click here to watch a short video.

Following the conclusion of this consultation and after feedback has been incorporated, Heathrow will submit its application for expansion to the Secretary of State for Transport in 2020. The decision on whether to grant approval for expansion will be made by the Secretary of State in 2022 following a public examination period led by the Planning Inspectorate.

CECA is a strong supporter of Heathrow expansion, and has previously described it as “crucial” to securing long-term economic growth once the UK has left the European Union. If you would like to know more about CECA’s work with Heathrow, contact CECA Director of External Affairs Marie-Claude Hemming.