Measuring and Improving Productivity Workshops – from 24th January 2023


The development of construction sector productivity is a key issue in all areas. Compared to other sectors over the past twenty years, we are lagging behind. Following up on a programme of training delivered by CECA, BBI Services (Building Business Improvement) are aiming to support CECA members in the measurement and improvement of their productivity through a series of workshops that are FREE to CECA members.

Building a continuous improvement approach within organisations and project delivery is key to driving productivity, quality right first time, programme delivery and ultimately achieving more within a safe environment.

This FREE set of workshops will assist CECA members in developing their productivity KPIs/measures, and then illustrate how to drive these forwards for better outcomes.


  • Cohort 1: 24 January & 14 February 2023 (2-4pm)
  • Cohort 2: 25 January & 15 February 2023 (2-4pm)
  • Cohort 3: 31 January & 21 February 2023 (2-4pm)
  • Cohort 4: 1 February & 22 February 2023 (2-4pm)
  • Cohort 5: 7 February & 28 February 2023 (2-4pm)
  • Cohort 6: 8 February & 1 March 2023 (2-4pm)


These workshops have been tailored specifically for CECA members by BBI Services, following on from the Boosting Infrastructure Productivity Programme.

This is a great opportunity to inspire your organisations to actively measure and analyse their productivity, identify opportunities and explore practical tools & techniques to make a difference.

Delivered remotely, the workshops will adopt a collaborative working approach, using BBI Services’ digital whiteboard platform. Participants will be able to explore further opportunities to build their skills and engage their teams in continuous improvement activities.


BBI Services will deliver 2 workshops, 2 hours each, 3 weeks apart. The initial workshop provides and overview of productivity, the need to improve, and illustrates a practical framework to measure productivity. The second workshop engages a review of opportunities identified, and considers the tools & techniques necessary to enhance productivity. The final sessions will focus on continuing your productivity improvement journey, and embedding best practice in your business.


To book your place or if you would like some more information, please email

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