CECA Generic Form of Sub-Contract – September 2020

CECA Generic Form of Sub-Contract (September 2020)

The CECA Generic Form of Sub-Contract is now available for purchase. It can be used in conjunction with a wide range of standard form and bespoke main contracts where no appropriate accompanying form of sub-contract has been published.   The structure of the new Generic Form and much of its content, including its “step down” approach to risk allocation, is consistent with the CECA Forms of Sub-Contract published in November 2011, with additional conditions and options to provide flexibility in relation to a range of different requirements depending on the form of Main Contract which sits above the Generic Sub-Contract. In addition, there are a number of options which may be selected as alternatives to the Sub-Contract “default” provisions, depending on the Contractor’s own requirements and procedures. Detailed guidance on the various options is provided by the Guidance Notes on the completion of the Schedules which are part of the package in each Sub-Contract form.

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Infrastructure Conditions of Contract – these contracts are not available to purchase directly from CECA. To purchase any of these contracts please click here.

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