Specification For A New Generic Form Of CECA Sub-Contract (Blue Form)

CECA is in the process of preparing a new generic form of CECA Sub-Contract to complement the existing Blue Forms which will continue to be maintained. 

Information about key features of the new form is available here. In short this generic form will have the same look and feel as the existing CECA sub-contract forms but will be drafted for use in relation to the wide variety of main contract forms typically used in the civil engineering industry by major clients including Network Rail.

As part of a process of rationalisation, the Schedules will be reduced from five in number to two. The First Schedule will be populated by particulars of the Main Contract.

The Second Schedule will set out the Sub-Contract Particulars, identifying the further documents to form part of the Sub-Contract, pricing information, the Contractor’s Facilities, the required insurances,  and other items of information as referred to non-exhaustively in this paper.

There will be guidance notes to assist CECA members to complete the Schedules in an appropriate manner. CECA is keen to seek members’ views as a user of the form on our proposals, and any comments you may have. If you would like be part of this consultation please contact CECA Director of External Affairs Marie-Claude Hemming.