T Levels: Design, Surveying and Planning for Construction Presentation

At our Members’ Meeting today, Exeter and Weston Colleges delivered a joint presentation on T Levels.

T Levels are a new qualification for students aged 16 to 19 who’ve finished GCSEs and are the biggest reform to vocational training in a generation, giving young people the skills, knowledge, and attitude to excel in their careers.

Every T Level student completes an industry placement that lasts a minimum of 315 hours (approximately 45 days).

Industry placements are an ideal solution for entry-level skills. They can help you build a pipeline of talent for junior positions or apprenticeships. Placements create opportunities for staff to act as buddies, coaches or line managers to students. This helps existing staff gain management and mentorship skills, both of which are known to increase job satisfaction.

  • Employers can claim £1000 for every T Level student they host on a high-quality 45 day (315 hour) industry placement.
  • Employers can claim for up to 20 students, starting their T Level placements from now until July 2022.
  • The T Level employer incentive fund, launched in recognition of the impact the pandemic has had on many businesses, is designed to help cover financial constraints employers may face as a barrier to hosting placements in the short term.

Both Colleges are keen to engage with member companies. Please contact the Colleges here:

Robin Goodman, Programme Leader, T Level Construction, Exeter College

Joe Smith, Business Partnership Manager, Weston College

The presentation can be found here.