CECA Wales Panel debate : Infrastructure – supporting healthy & active lives

27 Feb
27 February 2020, 8:30 am - 10:30 am
Blake Morgan Offices, Capital Quarter, Cardiff

0830-1030, Thursday 27th February 2020

Blake Morgan Offices, Capital Quarter, Cardiff

Constructing Excellence Wales & CECA Wales invites you to a panel debate focusing on Infrastructure: supporting healthy & active lives.

Infrastructure projects of all types, schools, hospitals, transport and urban regeneration – provide an opportunity to meet health and wellbeing objectives, transforming our streets and communities and bringing people together. Following its 2019 Annual Conference CECA Wales prepared a joint report with ACE and the County Surveyors Society (CSS) Cymru, titled “Infrastructure: supporting healthy & active lives”: https://www.ceca.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/Healthy-and-Active-Lives-Annual-Conference-report-2019.pdf which was launched by Lee Waters, Deputy Minister for Transport in November.

The report makes the case for integrated infrastructure planning which promotes active lifestyles and creates active, social places. It attempts to answer five questions:

  1. Is stronger political leadership required?
  2. What evidence is needed to justify investment?
  3. Who pays?
  4. Who will take responsibility?
  5. How can we win hearts and minds?

This is all about creating a Welsh built environment that is focussed on wellbeing – delivering healthy and active lives. It has to be integrated – up and down the entire supply chain – and that is why CEW is supporting CECA Wales to work with all construction infrastructure partners and stakeholder groups to:

  • agree and drive forward an integrated transport policy that champions active travel and healthier living
  • gather evidence and research to help make the case for justifying active travel and investment in accordance with the Well-being Goals
  • identify and break down the barriers that prevent the integrated planning and funding of active travel initiatives, and
  • support the “mainstreaming” of good practices in active travel across the infrastructure sector.

This debate aims to take this plan of action forward and gives you the opportunity to influence that direction of travel.

As part of a panel debate you will hear from those involved in laying the political foundations for the Active Travel Act, from local authority representatives from the WLGA who will be involved in implementing active travel solutions, from health professionals at Public Health Wales on the need to align health and transport priorities and from Sustrans who, alongside Transport for Wales and local authorities, are playing a key role in supporting implementation and ensuring that appropriate investment decisions are being made.