CECA is recognised by members, clients, and Governments as the preeminent body representing the interests of the UK’s civil engineering contractors.

Our service to members is undertaken via our national office at the heart of Westminster, offices in Scotland and Wales which engage directly with the devolved administrations, and our six English regional offices which provide bespoke services and on-the-ground industry knowledge at a regional level.

CECA is relatively unique in that our members include contractors of all sizes, ranging from large multi-nationals to specialist firms and regional SMEs, and occupying all tiers in supply chains. We seek to cater to the needs of all our membership and to provide a single industry voice for civil engineering contractors of all types.

CECA lobbies on behalf of our members to make the case for infrastructure investment, and to ensure that our industry is sufficiently skilled to deliver the Government’s pipeline of investment that businesses and communities will rely upon as the backbone of the economy.

We brief our members on issues that are of direct relevance to their businesses, and provide continuous, relevant and detailed knowledge of the construction and infrastructure sectors.

We deliver training that is tailored to the needs of industry and provide comprehensive advice on health & safety and environmental matters. We deliver specific briefings on industry and business news, provide regular opportunities for peer-to-peer networking, and engagement with senior representatives of our members’ clients.