The Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) is the principal trade association representing civil engineering contractors in the UK.

We speak up for the interests of over three hundred firms employing close to 250,000 people and delivering work worth around £15 billion every year.

CECA stands firmly behind 5 Core Pillars
  • Sustainability, Climate Change & Social Value
    • Creating a better environment for all
  • Careers & Recruitment
    • Creating a talent pipeline
  • Skills & Training
    • Creating a skilled workforce
  • Clients & Workload
    • Creating work opportunities
  • Health, Safety & Wellbeing
    • Creating a safer workplace
Our priorities are as follows:
  • Improving visibility of work pipeline
  • Ensuring sustained investment in infrastructure
  • Reducing bureaucracy for contractors
  • Promoting better and fairer procurement practices
  • Promoting fair payment practices

Health & Safety and Environment

  • Developing and promoting Health & Safety best practice

Legal / Contractual Support

  • Ensuring compliance with legal / contractual obligations

Skills & Training

  • Addressing industry skills shortages
  • Promoting careers in construction

CECA is made up of a National body and eight Regional Associations: North East, North West, South West, Yorkshire & Humberside, Southern, Midlands, Wales and Scotland.

Membership of CECA (National) by CECA Regions entitles their contractor members to information and advice from CECA.

CECA provides direct advice on the following:
  • Legal/contractual matters,
  • Technical and environmental matters, Dayworks,
  • Training and related grant matters, Economic issues, and Employment.

CECA NE operates a regional Board, where regional member companies participate, and can influence policy in training & development, environmental and Health & Safety issues.

In addition, there are other specialist Working Groups and Fora in which contractor members participate dealing with matters such as Transport (general) plus specifically Rail, Roads, Nuclear and Water sectors.


Ross Markwell
(Lumsden & Carroll Ltd)
Vice Chairman
Dan Hutton
(Rainton Construction Ltd)
Stuart Miller
(CECA North East Ltd)
Board Member
Adam Harker
(Seymour Civil Engineering (Contractors) Ltd)
Board Member
Paul Stephenson
(Southbay Civil Engineering Ltd)
Board Member
Chris Wright
(Tarmac Trading Ltd)
Board Member
James Ramshaw
(Northumbrian Roads)
Board Member
Chris Brown
(Applebridge Construction Ltd)
Board Member
Tom Storrar
(BAM Nuttall Ltd)
Board Member
Kevin Fenley
(Absolute Civil Engineering Ltd)
Board Member
Mark Horner
(Wyn Construction Ltd)
Board Member
Edward Tattersall
(VolkerWessels UK)