Membership of CECA North East has two defined routes; Full and Associate.

Full members are deemed to be civil engineering contractors or have within their business profile an element of civil engineering activities as set out in the full member application form. Full membership provides access to the complete range of products, services and support available from CECA. Full CECA North East members where their work is geographically spread can also attribute a proportion of the subscription to an additional region/s so that they are able to access the local services of that region.

Associate membership application is open to companies who work in association or on the peripheries of civil engineering contracting and wish to contribute to the industry and exchange mutual understanding, knowledge and expertise. We welcome applications from well-intended companies. However, the selection process is rigorous and associate members do not have similar access to services or rights as full members as explained below.


The CECA North East Management Board review the suitability of companies applying for Full Membership – their decision is final and without recourse. Companies applying to join CECA North East Ltd should meet the following expectations and adopt CECA’s Code of Ethics. The business should:

  • Be registered as a Limited Company in England & Wales;
  • Be based or trade in the North East region;
  • Have a minimum turnover of £500,000 of which a minimum £250,000 must be civil engineering activity;
  • Have a financially sound track record during the last three years;
  • Have in place a Health and Safety policy that meets the commitment to the CECA Health and Safety Action Plan and Strategy, or be willing to amend it so that it does;
  • Must be registered with CITB and pay levy in accordance with The Industrial Training Levy (Construction Industry Training Board) Order 2018 (full membership only);
  • Be committed to raising the standards of civil engineering through being a member of CECA North East Ltd;
  • Agree to the scrutiny of their application by the Management Board members;
  • Agree to the Management Board decision without recourse.


Companies applying to join CECA North East Ltd via the Associate Membership route should comply with the following criteria, terms and conditions and adopt CECA’s Code of Ethics:

  • Be registered in the UK as a Limited Company;
  • Carry out business activities closely allied and supportive of the Civil Engineering Industry;
  • Be based or trade in the North East region (as set out on page 7)
  • Not eligible as a full member or have previously been a full member;
  • Have a financially sound track record during the last three years;
  • BE VAT Registered;
  • Be aware of the CECA Action Plans and Strategies;
  • Comply with Competition Law requirements;
  • Be aware and adopt where possible the CECA Code of Ethics;
  • Hold relevant policies and be legally compliant;
  • Associate Membership will not have any right to vote on, influence or amend existing constitutional matters, the operations or policies of the Association.


We maintain a code of ethics that we expect our members to comply with; these have been written by our members and endorsed by our Management Board members. These are that members should;

  • Acknowledge the advantages of trading relationships being conducted in a fair and transparent manner;
  • Recognise the confidence that is engendered by collaborative working by all members of the supply chain, together with the promotion of a culture of mutual trust, which benefits all participants and the client;
  • Treat their own supply chain fairly & equitably by choosing and negotiating forms and conditions of contract with equal treatment for all, and which identify, assess and allocate risk fairly;
  • Commit to ensuring that all payments for work undertaken throughout the supply chain are paid when due;
  • Provide and maintain a safe working environment for all, taking account of the CECA Health and Safety Action Plan and Strategy;
  • Undertake any project with a responsible attitude toward the environment, the local neighbourhood and sustainability issues;
  • Endeavour to meet the CECA aspiration of a 100% fully qualified workforce;
  • Will work with, and provide sufficient and accurate information to, supply chain partners in an open, fair and collaborative manner;
    • promoting the benefits of team-working;
    • establishing clear and effective lines of communication;
    • providing and encouraging early involvement of relevant supply chain partners to discuss client requirements and identifying solutions;
  • Will work together to deliver projects in accordance with an agreed programme within time, budget standards of quality by sharing information on progress and establishing systems for monitoring and reporting performance.

Further details can be found in our Membership Pack.