What we Do

Provide the opportunity for members to contribute to and influence regional and national priorities within our industry through active participation in CECA Yorkshire & Humber activities.

Regular liaison meetings with principal clients, regulatory bodies and local and regional government officers providing extensive networking and business development opportunities through inter member and member/client contact.

Relations have been established with key regional LEPs and will be developed where appropriate to raise LEP awareness of the need for ongoing investment in Infrastructure whilst understanding some of the key industry issues that may impact on this.

Run quarterly Management Committee Meetings with presentations on topical issues and providing members with the opportunity to network.

Provide access to a wide range of technical and legal/contractual presentations and training on topical industry and member issues.

Use of a free Construction & Legal Helpline with our partner, Bevan Brittan LLP.

We also represent on various CITB Committees, to ensure that companies working in the Infrastructure sector are represented when discussing issues such as Grant, Levy the Training Model.

Attracting and Encouraging a Diverse and Talented Workforce

One of the biggest challenges facing the industry is attracting enough talented people into the workforce from diverse backgrounds to support the sector as the anticipated increase in workload materialises. We are working with members, industry partners and stakeholders to help us attract recruits and persuade parents and teachers of the value of a career in civil engineering.

We will seek, where possible, to embrace and support arrangements that both member and regional bodies already have in place to engage with the next generation of civil engineering contractors in colleges, schools and academies within the region.

CECA (Y&H) are members of Inspiring the Future and work closely with them to support young people to consider construction and engineering roles and careers. We also support the STEM Ambassadors programme and help our members to engage with schools and college activities throughout the year.

CECA (Y&H) work closely with Leeds College of Building, Wakefield College, and various other colleges and universities to ensure that the curriculums remain relevant to industry needs, as well as supporting recruitment and careers opportunities for students.

CECA (Y&H) is also involved with Civils Training Group (Yorkshire & the Humber). The Training Group supports civil engineering companies with all areas of Training & Development support, signposting to relevant opportunities and helping to provide subsidised training for companies to maximise cost effectiveness. We can also assist companies in completing Skills & Training Fund applications for CITB.

Our Annual Awards recognise not only the fantastic projects completed by our members, but also our greatest resource – our people. That’s why each year we celebrate the Most Promising Apprentice within our membership, as well as the ‘Going the Extra Mile’ Award. The awards were presented at the CECA (Y&H) Annual Dinner at the Majestic Hotel on Friday 30th September 2022.

Congratulations to our Most Promising Apprentice Winner 2022, Jae Priest of CML.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

The health, safety and wellbeing of our workforce is the essential component of our industry. Every family has a right to expect any member working in the industry to return home safely from work at the end of every working day.

CECA have produced our own CDM guidance  identifying and promoting good industry practices. This has been well received across the industry and is being used by many to drive improvements.

Across the UK, CECA also leads an annual Stop. Make a Change campaign which involves businesses across the sector ‘standing down’ their employees to specifically draw attention to and focus on workforce welfare issues. The 2022 main topic was Excavation and Safe Digging Practices.

We also promote the sharing of best practice amongst members, and Osborne’s ‘STOP Think! Cascade’ is one example which we share with members.

CECA (Y&H) work closely with the Yorkshire Safety Centre for Construction in Y&H, collaborating on safety-related training and development activities as well as providing guidance on areas such as occupational health and mental health awareness.

Training and Development

For those who are attracted to the sector and for those already part of the workforce, it is essential that we provide high quality training and development opportunities to maintain and grow their competency.

At CECA (Y&H) we have developed a training and development programme for our members which focuses on commercial and contractual skills, predominantly within the NEC form of contract. The training is provided through a series by Bevan Brittan LLP. Bevan Brittan are construction law specialists and most seminars are delivered by partner, Sarah Wilson. Sarah is highly regarded by members and respected for her experience and specialist knowledge. These seminars are free to members and include notes for each seminar.

Our Programme for 2022/2023 is available here.

CECA Y&H are also closely linked to Civils Training Group (Y&H), which is an independent Training Group with 30 members across the Region. The Training Group supports careers and schools engagement, delivers training events based on member requirements and is a source of advice and guidance for members.

For any information on training and development issues within CECA (Y&H), please contact our Business Support Officer, Jennifer Patel.