The Civil Engineering Contractors Association (Southern) Ltd covers the southern half of England, including London, and as far north as Gloucestershire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk. Our regional members range in size from the largest contractors to SMEs and relatively fledgling companies. Common to all is their involvement in the delivery and maintenance of the UK’s infrastructure.

As well as supporting training and apprenticeships, and engaging with Government departments, we arrange client liaison meetings, which allows client bodies to outline their strategic plans, in terms of procurement, spend profile, etc whilst collectively feeding back member issues and concerns. CECA (Southern) is also engaged with the Sub National Transport Bodies (STBs) in our region.

We also work in partnership with like-minded organisations, such as professional institutions and trade federations to further the interests of those working in the infrastructure sector.

We continue to support members of all sizes, providing unique access to clients, LEPs, local government and fellow members. We also ensure that Southern members have the opportunity to influence CECA’s national stance on a number of key issues including:

  • fair payment
  • efficient procurement practices
  • better supplier engagement
  • roll-out of the revised CITB process
  • skills improvement and recruitment of key resources
  • behavioural and cultural developments

We are proud of the work our members do and work every day to promote their achievements, to promote the exciting opportunities in our sector and to persuade decision makers to invest in infrastructure.

CECA (Southern) Ltd governs both CECA (Southern) and CECA (South West). The Directors for CECA (Southern) Ltd are listed below and Andy Pritchard is the representative for the South West.

The CECA Southern 2023 Annual Review can be found here.



Alan Cox
(BAM Nuttall Ltd)
Kevin Valentine
(Knights Brown Construction Ltd)
Executive Director
David Allen
(CECA Southern Ltd)

Board Members

John Breheny
(Breheny Civil Engineering Ltd)
Samantha Barratt
(Barhale Ltd)
Brian Crofton
(Jackson Civil Engineering Group Ltd)
Trevor Dodds
John Kinirons
Andy Pritchard (representative for CECA (South West))
(Tilbury Douglas)