Health Safety & Wellbeing

The health, safety and wellbeing of our workforce is the essential component of our industry. Every family has a right to expect any member working in the industry to return home safely from work at the end of every working day.

CECA has produced its own CDM guidance identifying and promoting good industry practices. This has been well received across the industry and is being used by many to drive improvements.

Across the UK, CECA also leads an annual Stop. Make a Change campaign which involves businesses across the sector ‘standing down’ their employees to specifically draw attention to and focus on workforce welfare issues.

CECA South West Awards 2020
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CECA South West Awards 2020 We are pleased to advise that we are re-launching the CECA South West Awards with an extended deadline. Although many things have changed during Covid-19 and events cancelled, we would still like to celebrate and reward the achievements of the young women and men who are our rising stars. The