CECA Y&H Temporary Works Supervisor 1 Day Course

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14 Oct
14 October 2019, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
CECA Morley Office, Leeds

This one day training course provides delegates with a thorough knowledge of the role of a Temporary Works Supervisor (TWS), including an understanding of the essentials of good safety risk management.

Course aims and objectives:

The course is aimed at ensuring the delegate gains a sound understanding of:

  • Risk management of temporary works
  • The importance of communication, cooperation, coordination and competency in managing temporary works as a TWS
  • Legal duties
  • The roles and responsibilities of the TWS
  • The role of other involved in the temporary works process
  • An understanding of the TWS relevant aspects of BS 5975:2008+A1:2011

The course also gives emphasis, throughout, tothe importance of:

  • The ‘4Cs’ (communication, co-ordination, co-operation and competency)
  • Risk management: safety and also business related

Course benefits:

Temporary works are safety and business-critical and require careful co-ordination. An accepted way of achieving this is through the adoption of the management process outlined in BS5975 which introduces the Temporary Works Coordinator (TWC) as a key figure.

The TWS role is fundamentally different from the TWC role, in that it is not definitely spelt out, like the role of the TWC in BS 5975.  The role has to be determined on an individual basis often between the principal contractor and the sub-contractor.

This course gives the delegate a thorough knowledge of the range of duties that can be expected from the TWS role.  Please note that this course alone does not make a delegate competent, as this requires other attributes such as industry specific experience.

The course will cover the following aspects, from the perspective of the TWS:

  • Definition of what is temporary works
  • History of temporary works
  • Causation of temporary works failures
  • The Bragg report
  • Legal and contractual requirements
  • Risk Management of temporary works
  • A understanding of the role of the temporary works designer
  • The responsibilities of the organisations appointing the TWC and the TWS
  • The duties of the TWC
  • The appointment of the TWS
  • The role of the TWS in supporting the TWC
  • How the TWS can help in preventing temporary works failures

The course contains a number of discussion sessions, syndicate exercises and personal exercises – it is an interactive course.

This course will be delivered by VP Groundforce.

For more information on the course, please contact Jemma Carmody at jemma@ceca-yorks.co.uk