Fairness, Inclusion & Respect (FIR) Ambassadors Course

16 Oct
16 October 2018, 9:00 am - 3:30 pm
Ergo, Bridgehead Business Park, Meadow Road, Hessle, Hull, HU13 0GD

The FIR Programme is an industry- wide initiative that is making workplaces better for everyone. We provide free resources and training to any person or company that wants to access and use them. We help employers to meet their legal obligations aroun
d equality and anti-discrimination and to empower people to make their workplaces more supportive for all.

This workshop is offered FREE to anyone working within the construction sector.

Introduction to FIR workshop and Ambassadors Workshop

At this workshop participants will:

• Discuss what FIR means

• Learn why FIR matters

• Learn where to go for support to progress FIR

• Develop an initial action plan to progress FIR

• Look at the requirements and activities of FIR Ambassadors in the workplace

Who are the Introduction to FIR workshops for?

Introduction to FIR workshops aresuitable for absolutely everyone working in the built environment, whatever their role or position in the hierarchy. We assume no previous knowledge of equality, diversity and inclusion

Participants in past workshops have included site supervisors, team leaders, project and programme managers and directors and support staff working in human resources, finance, procurement andsupply chain, marketing, business development and more.

What are FIR Ambassadors expected to do?

A FIR Ambassador is expected to act as a role model for Fairness, Inclusion and Respect in their offices, sites or projects. This means embodying the principles of FIR to work collaboratively whilst stepping in to challenge non-inclusive behaviour, and positively impact workplace culture.

What are the benefitsof joining the FIR Ambassador network?

FIR Ambassadors benefit from:

• FIR Ambassador group coaching events• FIRry Friday emails• Invitation only LinkedIn group• Industry learning and materials and a hub of shared experiences and good practice.

This training is providided by the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

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