CECA Southern Ltd Board Vacancy

A limited number of vacancies have been identified on the Board of CECA (Southern) Ltd. Members should note that, although we cover two regions, (Southern and South West) there is only one limited company (CECA (Southern) Ltd). The Board of CECA (Southern) Ltd administers both Southern and South West regional companies.

Therefore, we are inviting expressions of interest from any member who feels competent to do the role and is able to add value. We are looking to recruit from a wider demographic to ensure that the focus of the Board remains suitably informed to manage its business in these ever-changing times.

The role is not an onerous one. The Board meets four times a year (prior to the quarterly members’ meetings in London) and whilst it is encouraged to attend all meetings, it is not compulsory or critical, as we appreciate members have many demands on their time. After two years of service on the Board, a Director has the option to be considered for the role of Vice Chair and then Chair after a further two years. Ideally, the Chair serves for two years.

Board appointments are registered with Companies House, but are unpaid positions.

If this role is of interest, we would be grateful if you could notify Leone Donnelly giving brief career details and a summary of particular areas of Industry interest and expertise.