CECA Southern – NEC4 Bulletin No 5 – Liability for not notifying early warnings – May 2021

Training and development support is a key part of CECA’s core offer for its membership and, working in conjunction with GMH Planning, it has delivered a programme of training events around the NEC Form of Contract across several CECA UK regions.

In addition to this training, a series of monthly NEC Contract Bulletins are being produced for both Contractors and Subcontractors to improve practical awareness on key topics within the NEC. The coverage, whilst not exhaustive, is intended as a general overview on some of the contractual principles to increase a wider understanding in support of more sustainable outcomes

The fifth bulletin is on ‘Liability for not notifying early warnings’ and you can download a copy here.

Bulletin No 4 – Pricing Compensation Events and the use of assumptions – Apr 2021 – can be found here.

Bulletin No 3 – Secondary options NOT being included and the indirect risk that brings – Mar 2021 – can be found here.

Bulletin No 2 – Key Dates and associated liability – Feb 2021 – can be found here.

Bulletin No 1 – Z Clauses – Jan 2021 – can be found here.

thumbnail of CECA NEC4 Bulletin No.5 – Early Warnings and Liability for Not Notifying – May 2021