CECA Southern New Entrant Programme – Helping Members to Grow Talent within their business

Graduates are keen to gain experience, knowledge and skills and having access to a well-planned new entrant programme will help businesses nurture the next generation of managers. Investing in new employees increases their motivation and loyalty whilst enabling them to contribute to the continued success of their employer and the sector as a whole.

In 2015, CECA ran a 7-day programme for new entrants aimed at Civil Engineering Graduates and Technicians designed to equip them with an appreciation of common civil engineering site activities.  Since then, CECA Southern and South West have received a number of requests to repeat the programme.  So, we have started to explore the feasibility of rolling out a new version and are seeking your views about how the programme could be structured and what you feel should be included.

Please complete the short survey here to assist us in understanding your views.

As background, the previous version consisted of two days of classroom-based learning (Commercial Awareness; Planning and Programming) and a five-day residential held at the National Construction College in Bircham Newton (Levelling and Setting Out; Concrete Awareness; Safe Working with Excavations). The feedback from the delegates was very positive, particularly the residential element, as those from the smaller contractors were able to make connections with their contemporaries working for other contractors.

Clearly, under current conditions, we will be restricted in what we are able to offer in terms of practical, hands on training but the training providers we have approached have assured us that they have met the challenges and found innovative ways of providing the next best thing virtually.  We are considering having a core programme of 5 days delivered as a block and additional modules running during the year on a “pick and mix” basis.

Should you have any queries or wish to discuss any aspects of this programme, please contact Briony Wickenden.