CITB Prescribed Organisation Meeting 18th May 23

CITB Prescribed Organisation Meeting 18th  May 23 – Priorities:

CECA feedback from this meeting in May listed CITB Priorities being as follow with the full presentation available Here.

  1. Inform and enable the right people into construction and work with industry to meet the skills demand  (‘Pipeline’) –The construction industry does not have the skills it needs to deliver the pipeline of work currently, with the talent pools likely to shrink over time, further increasing the competition for new people.
  2. Develop a Training and Skills System to meet Current and Future Needs (“Pathways”) – The current skills system needs to work more effectively for the construction industry both to deliver the number of skilled people needed and in order to meet new skills demands such as Net Zero. With the skills and training needed to meet industry needs ever changing, the existing system can be slow to respond and difficult to navigate.
  3. Support the industry to train & develop its workforce (“Training Supply”) – Industry does not have enough skilled people to deliver the pipeline of work, or to meet the changing demands of a modernising industry or Net zero targets. CITB needs to support employers to train and upskill people employed within the industry and ensure that the training their people access is of a high quality.