Network Rail Southern – Christmas & New Year Additional Shift Allowance 2023/24

Please see the message below fromĀ Cameron Burns, Strategic Commercial Director:

As in previous years, the rail industry has agreed a common position on additional shift allowance payments at Christmas and New Year for supply chain workers. We have again established a common position to apply to all our work this year and clarity on what additional payments will be made by Network Rail.

For 2023/24, we have made an amendment to the Shift Allowances per full shift undertaken within the qualifying period, outlining the value that will be payable to suppliers, to enable the payment of a premium shift allowance to the worker. The Shift Allowance payable to suppliers is the maximum payment permitted to suppliers, fully inclusive of all employer/employee NI and tax liabilities. This enables the supplier to calculate any employer tax/NI liabilities for each worker and make a payment to each worker to ensure the supplier remains cost neutral. You can see more information in this letter.

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This update is provided by the Southern Region.

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