CECA NW Webinar: Covid 19 Update and Record Keeping

13 May
13 May 2020, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

CECA NW are pleased to present the following free webinar in conjunction with Geraldine Fleming of Driver Trett.

This seminar will cover a number of commonly asked questions, including the following:

  • Given the current situation, how can we ensure that our notices are properly delivered
  • If we are currently in the design phase of a project, should we still be issuing notices?
  • What records should we be keeping
  • How likely is a smash and grab adjudication, and how can we best protect our firm?  Will timescales be extended in adjudication?
  • What issues must we remember regarding new contracts?
  • Should we review our own terms and conditions – down the line to suppliers and subcontractors as well as up the line

To register your place, please use the link or the button below: