CECA Southern engagement event with Tower Hamlets Council – Development Coordination Pilot

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29 Apr
29 April 2021, 11:00 am - 12:30 pm
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LB Tower Hamlets – Mitigating the impacts of construction – Engagement Webinar Invite

The London Borough of Tower Hamlets have approached CECA looking to engage with a range of contracting organisations that have experience of operating within London.  They are embarking on an 18-month pilot programme exploring opportunities to mitigate the cumulative impacts of construction on residents and businesses and are keen to learn from contractors who are experienced in delivering or taking part in complex schemes requiring extensive coordination with multiple entities, including local councils. This includes those engaged on highway, utility, rail or underground related activities.

We would welcome attendance by a representative from your organisation to join a discussion with Michèle Young, Development Coordinator, Infrastructure Planning, LB Tower Hamlets and her colleagues.

They have already outlined a number of questions below that they would like some feedback on but are interested in all aspects that you have to contend with whilst operating within their or other London Boroughs:

  • How common was it as a large Contractor to take the lead in coordinating logistics around access, parking, deliveries and public safety issues with other neighbouring building contractors who are in close proximity?
  • Have Borough Council teams (Planning, Highways or other) proactively facilitated this type of coordination of multiple sites across their Borough? If so, it would be great to know which ones, we’d like to talk to them
  • What were your major challenges in resolving these issues – any processes, for example, on the Council side that consistently held things up, in particular Tower Hamlets but others would be great to know about too? Thinking about e.g. licensing, changes to CLPs or others you may be able to cite.
  • Have you come across Planning Conditions requiring Developers/Contractors to jointly coordinate activities via Construction Logistic Plan submissions, for example?
  • Have you ever worked on a site that used Waterways for deliveries and collection of materials – was it always a question of monetary viability or were other issues considered such as impact on environment and air quality? How challenging was the process to get waterways deliveries accepted and approved? What were the steps?
  • Do you have any thoughts on Construction Circular Economy, what types of policy or support from a Council may help facilitate further actions by Developers/Contractors on this Mayoral aim? https://www.london.gov.uk/sites/default/files/design_for_a_circular_economy_web.pdf
  • Are there other people you think we should have a conversation or consult with to further our research on these issues?

If you, or a colleague, are able to attend to take part in the discussions please notify Leone Donnelly.