West Sussex County Council Framework Tender

West Sussex County Council have kindly provided an update on their new Framework procurement.  They plan to issue the tender on 16 October 2023.  There will be four separate Lots, namely:

Lot 4 – Carriageway and Footway Resurfacing

  • Carriageway Resurfacing (including in-situ recycling, Traffic Management, lining and studs)
  • Footway Resurfacing (resurfacing, reconstruction and in-situ recycling)

Lot 5 – Carriageway Surface Dressing and Carriageway & Footway Treatments

  • Carriageway surface dressing
  • Carriageway treatments, high friction surfacing, re-texturing, joint sealing (including in-situ recycling, Traffic Management, lining and studs)
  • Footway services (repairs, micro surfacing)

Lot 6 – Infrastructure Improvement

  • Highway improvement schemes – £25k<£2m

Lot 7 – Carriageway Structural Patching

  • Carriageway Structural Patching
  • PSD Patching
  • Minor Carriageway Associated Civils
  • Footway Resurfacing (resurfacing, reconstruction, and in-situ recycling)

In preparation for the planned go live date it is important all interested bidders register on WSCC’s procurement portal (Atamis) to be able to see the tender docs once they are released in October.

The link below is for Atamis and the specific WSCC Atamis landing page.  A user guide and FAQ section is on the website to ensure you encounter no issues.  For clarity, Atamis now replaces WSCC’s existing procurement portal (In-tend)

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Any comments or questions please send them to Neil Hewitt, Projects Lead – Business Assurance, Place Services, Highways  Transport & Planning, West Sussex County Council