Health & Safety and Environment

Leading the industry in terms of its efforts to improve the health and safety record for the civil engineering sector, CECA has active involvement in the shaping of the debate through its access to the Health and Safety Executive’s Construction Industry Advisory Committee (CONIAC) and the Strategic Forum for Construction. It is also represented on a series of HSE groups with relevance to the sector in areas such as CDM, respiratory problems and manual handling.

The CECA Health & Safety Strategy and Action Plan instigated initiatives such as the Safety Alert system that rapidly informs members of accidents that may have implications for their own works, and the collection of accident statistics, producing benchmark accident figures for the whole civil engineering sector.

In the area of Occupational Health, we publish a Health Management Toolkit to help contractors to begin implementation of a management system which would better deal with work related ill health issues.

We advise members on technical matters including quality management systems. We can also provide guidance on environmental matters

to members (such as pollution of ground water on site and waste management) and assist them to develop environmental policies which are realistic and deliverable.

We have produced a Corporate Responsibility Toolkit to help firms meet demand from clients that they address the CR agenda. We are also actively involved in a series of national technical and environmental committees, providing members with an opportunity to become involved with influencing future standards and product specifications. We actively contributed to the development of Government’s Sustainable Construction Strategy, ensuring that it reflected the needs of the industry. We have also responded to industry requirements for construction related guidance on waste management.

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