CITB Roadshows – Up and coming dates

Please find the agendas for our upcoming CITB Roadshows for Maidstone Agenda and Basingstoke. The bookings for these are now live with 14 venues across England, Scotland and Wales starting on 28th September in London at Tottenham Football Ground and finishing in Swindon on 2nd November at Village Hotel. The agenda’s are largely the same but may have regional variations.

The intention is these Roadshows will be an opportunity for CITB registered employers to ask questions about Consensus which was scheduled for 2024. However, in June the DFE announced they would be carrying out a review on ITB’s including CITB and ECITB the report is due out in January 24.

Due to the timing of Consensus against the outcomes being reported from the ITB Review, CITB has taken the decision to submit proposals for a one year Order to raise levy income in 2025. Approval from the Secretary of State and ultimately from Parliament is necessary to make the order. However, the decision to propose a one- year Order does mean that Consensus will be delayed until early 2025. This is to allow recommendations that come out of the on-going ITB Review to be taken into consideration for the next Levy Proposals for a three-year Levy Order, which will now start in 2026.Consensus is an important process for our employers to be able to have their say on Levy Proposals and therefore, it is essential we provide all the relevant information on what our plans are to enable them to do this. For that to happen appropriately, we need to be able to respond to the ITB Review so we can continue to support the industry to have a skilled, competent, and inclusive workforce.

Therefore the agenda has been slightly amended for the Roadshows to discuss the levy order arrangements and guidance on what happens next. We are very much committed to meeting with our employers and giving them the opportunity to meet with Executive team and ask questions.  Some employers will be sharing their experiences with training and upskilling their workforce, recruiting new entrants, and offering work placements. After the main event their will, be an opportunity for employers to join our Deep Dive sessions on Barriers to Recruiting new Entrants and Access CITB Support. Maidstone will have option to discuss Accessing Skills to Net Zero.

There will be a marketplace at each event CITB online. NEST Team and CITB Engagement team. Where space allows, we may have additional marketplace in case of Maidstone we will have GEMENT promoting their online commission for mentoring new entrants to construction industry and MidKent College promoting their ILM L3 Commission.

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