Generation 5 (Gen5) Framework 2024-2028 – TENDER UPDATE

Hampshire County Council (HCC) have advised us that the first stage (Selection Questionnaire) of the Gen5 Framework tender went out on 31 May 2023 (see information below).

The contract notice for the Gen5 Framework tender has been published and can be found here.

This stage is the first stage (Selection Questionnaire) of the tender, which will need to be submitted by 14:00 on Monday July 3rd 2023. A full tender timetable can be found within the documents. The tender documents and forms to submit can be found on HCC’s in-tend site here.

It is important for this stage to remember the following:

  1. Read all of the documents, guidance and forms in full
  2. Submit a clarification request on in-tend if you have any technical problems, are unsure about anything, have any questions or have spotted any errors.
  3. Make a copy of any large bodies of text as you are writing them (in MS Word, for example) and then copy and paste them into the text boxes on in-tend, in order to avoid them getting lost if the form refreshes or there is any errors with your internet browser.
  4. Do not leave your submission to the last minute – we will not under any circumstances accept late submissions (even if they are 1 minute late!)

HCC will now not respond to any communications about Gen5 through any other means other than in-tend.

Also attached here is an update HCC sent out a couple of weeks ago, including some of the changes they made following the Contractors feedback after their event in February.