Supporting the new Welsh Built Environment qualifications : the role of the Civil Engineer

Qualifications Wales, following a review of  the  “built environment” sector in Wales, commissioned the development of new qualifications at GCSE and A-level (as well as a new Foundation Apprenticeship) specifically for the construction sector in Wales. CECA Wales were involved throughout the process of consultation and development and see the introduction of these qualifications as a major and exciting step forward in introducing more young people in Wales to the world of construction and civil engineering in particular.

As part of our efforts to support learners, teachers and parents to understand the qualification, the opportunities it brings and the skills needed, CECA Wales, along with other partners, provided short presentations of the roles of our respective professions and trades. This is my short and sweet description of the role of a civil engineer.

It’s not “in depth”, it’s just an overview of the work that civil engineers do, the skills they need and the career opportunities for young people who take this path. It’s based on my own career experiences so is by no means the full picture but hopefully it will give learners, teachers and parents an insight into what we do as civil engineers and how the new Welsh Construction and Built Environment GCSE’s and A-levels could open up these opportunities for young people. It’s produced in partnership with Qualifications Wales. All feedback welcome!!

Ed Evans

Director Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) Wales