The CECA Wales response to Covid19

We had high expectations for 2020 didn’t we? But last year was challenging to say the least. Our world was turned upside down by the Coronavirus pandemic and, as businesses, we had to respond really quickly. And that’s what we did. I’m really proud of the way our industry continued to deliver through this period. I’m also proud of the work we did at CECA Wales to support our members in responding to this crisis and here’s a reminder of that work.

  • Daily bulletins on emerging issues – over 100 bulletins issued
  • Daily conversations with members to understand their concerns and respond to their needs (all members spoken to at least once a month during lockdown, often more regularly);
  • Daily meetings with CECA colleagues across the UK to understand wider UK implications, support mechanisms and good practices – over 100 meetings
  • Weekly engagement with governments in Wales and Westminster to understand business support packages such as furlough and resilience grants;
  • Specific meetings with clients (eg trunk road agents, local authorities etc) to build up confidence, share supply chain intelligence, develop short term work programs and “get things moving again”;
  • Establishing a “key clients” group to share communications and pick up any supply chain concerns;
  • Weekly meetings with Welsh Government officers and Members of the Senedd on “essential worker” status for the infrastructure sector and advise on “safe worker” legislation;
  • Weekly engagement with other partners and stakeholders eg WCFA and WIA to maintain an unified response to the crisis;
  • Issuing over 500 social media releases, press releases and articles to maintain the profile of the sector.
  • The way public sector client bodies responded to our concerns and the progress we were able to make in keeping businesses well informed, with good workflow and cashflow and good links to government.

We know that the impacts of the pandemic will be with us for a long time but our early and targeted response has helped members to put in place the measures they need for the future.

Mike McAndrew, Chair CECA Wales